What is rice bran fermentation bathing?

米ぬか天国 観音華 大阪

100% rice bran fermentation bathing is a type of warm bath that slowly raises your temperature using the power of natural heat.

Raising your body temperature for around 20 minutes with this heat helps you expel waste products built up within your body, and it also increases beauty and metabolism.

Precautions (The following people are not allowed to enter the bath.)

・Those who are extremely hungry
・Those who have just eaten
・Those who have just ingested alcohol
・Those with bleeding or pus-producing injuries

・Heart disease patients
・Chronic disease patients
・Pregnant women

Fermentation bathing procedure



We will explain the procedure for taking a fermentation bath.

カウンセリング 米ぬか 酵素風呂

Change clothes

In the locker room, remove all of your clothing (including underwear) and put on the fermentation bath clothing provided to you (paper bra, paper shorts or paper gown). At that time, please also use the shower cap and ear plugs provided. Once you have changed clothing, please drink plenty of water and wait until a staff member comes for you.

入糠 米ぬか 酵素風呂

Fermentation bath

A staff member will guide you into the fermentation room and over you entirely with rice bran.

米ぬか酵素風呂 入酵 大国町

Wash off

Stand on top of the sheet and remove the rice bran attached to your body. Then, wash the remaining rice bran off in the shower room. Bath towels, face towels as well as towel gowns are available in baskets placed in front of the shower room. We ask that you wear these until you stop sweating as it is good for your skin.


Cool down

Hair brushes, blow dryers, hair curlers, crimpers, etc. are available. Foundation cosmetics are also available. Please feel free to use them. Please do not remove equipment or cosmetics from the shop.



Please hydrate fully after your fermentation bath. Due to excellent detoxification and drastically improved blood circulation, some customers suddenly experience dehydration, rushes of blood to the head, dizziness, etc. After you have completely stopped sweating, you may change clothing and return home. Please be careful not to forget items in the locker room, etc.


Shop Information

Shop name Nuka Tengoku KANOKA Fermentation Bathing
Location 1F Grande Fiore NAMBA, 3-7-16 Motomachi,
Naniwa-ku, Osaka, 556-0016
TEL 080-3130-0250 (Reservation required)
Business hours Weekdays 1:00pm~8:00pm (Final reception: 6:00pm)
Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 1:00pm~8:00pm
(Final reception: 6:00pm)
Regular holidays December 31、January 1~3
Access Nearest station
Daikokucho Station (Midosuji Line and Yotsubashi Line) 9min on foot from No. 2 Exit


Cleansing Reaction

好転反応 米ぬか 酵素風呂

After bathing in our fermentation bath, customers often experience a rash on their skin, and this is known as a Cleansing Reaction. It occurs as toxins built up inside your body are pulled out through your skin, and it is not classified as a side effect. It is the result of changes in your body occurring through the process of revitalizing your cells, and once your body is fully revitalized, the Cleansing Reaction goes away. (Cleansing Reactions appear differently for each individual.)